Deal Alert: 100 GB of Onedrive (Skydrive) for $1

If you have joined the Skydrive/Onedrive crowd, you know how useful having your documents, songs, and pictures synced to multiple devices can be. You receive 7 GB upon registration and that has worked well for me when it comes to my school folder. However, I don't have enough space for much else. Enter Bing.

I've been using the Bing Rewards program for several months now. I set my goal for the $5 Swagbucks reward and it takes 475 points for me to redeem it as a Gold Member. This effectively makes less than 100 points on Bing = $1. It's a great deal for anyone who searches a lot, which I do for school and general curiosity.

Now Bing is working with the new Onedrive to offer a rewards opportunity that probably won't last long. Right now, you can redeem 100 points for 100 GB of Onedrive space for an entire year. That same subscription costs $50 a year on the Onedrive website. That's a huge savings on money you earn just for searching! I just snapped up my reward and have been able to load my entire photo album, the rest of my documents, and some music to my Onedrive account.

Sign up for your free Bing Rewards account now to start earning on your web searches and take advantage of this huge deal on Onedrive.