How to Make an Extra $240 a Year with Swagbucks Accelerator

Swagbucks Accelerator

Swagbucks has a new feature for its users called Accelerator. This program has two levels and allows active Swagbucks user to earn a matching dollar amount for up to every point they earn, up to $30 every month! Okay, I admit that I was a skeptic. Paying money to make money is generally against my religion when it comes to online sites, but I really sat down to think about this one. I rarely make less than $10 a month with swagbucks so the idea of matching at least 700 swagbucks a month gave me pause. 

This is my personal account. As of this picture, I've been an Accelerator member for two days. 

Do the Math

For the Accelerator, if you pay $4.99 a month, they will match up to 700 points per month. Each point is one cent so really this means that if you pay $5, they will match up to $7. Break that down further: You earn 700 swagbucks ($7) + they match 700 SB = 1400 SB ($14). After the fee, you've made an additional $9 a month - $108 a year. If you use Accelerator Plus, you can earn up to $20 a month or $240 a year.

Is This a Good Deal?

Are you a Swagbucks member? Okay, now do you actually make at least $7 a month. This is a very easy goal to meet, but if you don't make at least the fee amount, you will lose money. If you are active like I am, then it's easy money. I decided to start off with Accelerator at the $4.99 level and have already made back my investment. The picture above is what the Accelerator tab looks like so you can track what you've earned and figure out how much more you need to get your investment back.

Why Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is quickly becoming my go to site to earn extra play money. Between surveys, coupons, games, searches, and shopping - there are lots of ways to earn for things I'm already doing. I make pretty decent pocket change and have gotten a lot of free products or been paid to try new ones. Not bad for something I do in my spare time. The picture above is from my personal account to show what the Accelerator tab looks like once you become a member. It makes it easy to track. If you're interested, you can sign up for free by clicking here. Check it out and see if Accelerator is right for you. Already using it? Let me know in the comments!